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Vision 2020: 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Vision 2020 was created after months of research, planning meetings, and consultation with seven focus groups along with several one-on-one interviews and online input from more than 130 individuals supported, families, staff, and partners. What impressed the Strategic Plan planning team the most was the consistency in the message received from all stakeholders in where Ongwanada should be focused for the next five years. The landscape in the sector and community is quickly changing and while honouring the past, this Strategic Plan sets out to make thoughtful decisions on how Ongwanada should best respond.

The priorities and guiding principles within Vision 2020 will be brought to life through detailed operational and budget planning as well as capacity-building initiatives both inside Ongwanada and in the broader community. On behalf of Ongwanadas Board of Governors, we would like to thank all of the individuals who participated in the development of Vision 2020. Your collective contributions have resulted in a vision that focuses on building community capacity and providing specialized regional resources. The outcome will enable individuals with developmental disabilities, including those with complex needs, to thrive within their communities.

Allan Twohey, Board of Governors President
Wade Durling, Executive Director

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