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Community Behavioural Services

Therapists work closely with parents and teachers (where applicable) under the clinical supervision of a psychologist to assess problem areas and design a behavioural support plan/consultation report. The therapist visits the home or day program weekly to work with the person and teach families and teachers to carry out the program. Small group sessions are occasionally arranged for clients and families with similar needs. Consultations with the referral source and other agencies are provided on request.

Eligibility: People aged two and up with a developmental disability, who live with their families or another caregiver in the community. Children whose parents or guardians have a developmental disability or who are at risk of a developmental disability or behaviour problems are also eligible.

Area served: Frontenac County

Referrals: Accepted from the client, parents, physicians, teachers, and other professionals and agencies. The family and client must be notified before a referral is made. All referrals are made through Ongwanada's Intake Coordinator.

Waiting period: Variable. Referrals are prioritized and individuals with the greatest need are supported as soon as possible. For situations that are not urgent there can be a wait of up to one year.

If you are looking for services for a child, please contact Ongwanada's Social Work Department at 613.548.4417 ext. 3311.

If you are looking for services for an adult (18 years or older), please contact Developmental Services Ontario by clicking here for contact information



2017-2018 Operating Plan
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September, 2017

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2018-2019 Kingston Internship Consortium Brochure
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Horizon - Summer 2017
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2016|2017 Annual Report
Keeping Vision 2020's Momentum Going

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