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Nursing at Ongwanada

Ongwanada is dedicated to the health of people with Developmental Disabilities. Nursing Services are available to all clients in Residential and Home Share programs. Nurses promote health through regular visits, teaching clients and staff, and monitoring clients health status. They ensure all clients are offered annual health screening and provide care in the event of illness.

Nurses are active members of each client's support team. They maintain regular communication with family physicians, accompany clients to specialist appointments, and ensure recommendations are followed.

Nursing Community Residences
Three of Ongwanada's Community Residences are dedicated to the clients who require nursing support in order to live in the community. These homes are staffed by RN's who specialize in caring for the health needs of people with developmental disabilities. Some clients live in these homes permanently because their health needs require continuous monitoring by a RN. The Nursing Homes also provide temporary Nursing Services to clients throughout the organization who have been ill and need nursing support to recover. Some of these clients have had surgery, have newly diagnosed medical conditions, or require nursing assessments due to complex health needs. Once clients recover, nurses make recommendations to the clients' caregivers about maintaining health and provide health lessons to clients, caregivers, and family members.

Nurses in these homes also offer palliative care to clients, if necessary.

Visiting Nurses
All Residential and Home Share clients have access to a Visiting Nurse. These nurses act as Case Managers, linking professional supports and medical services. They regularly visit the clients' homes and monitor health issues. They provide support to caregivers through health lessons and ongoing health dialogue. The Visiting Nurses provide annual training to all staff on health related topics such as blood pressure, pulse and respiration monitoring, and administration of tube feedings. They monitor the clients' health throughout the year to ensure that client care reflects best practices. The Visiting Nurses accompany clients in Family Physician, Psychiatric and other clinics. They coordinate information to ensure that physicians have the information that they require and that their recommendations are communicated to the caregivers.



2016|2017 Annual Report
Keeping Vision 2020's Momentum Going

Click below to view Ongwanada's 2016-2017 Annual Report or stop by our Resource Centre to pick up a copy.

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